Our roots lie in Dutch horticulture which probably has the most advanced and efficient growers of food and flowers. For decades, these growers have successfully been co-operating with each other and their suppliers to improve crop yields. This success is what attracts international attention from governments, NGO’s, entrepreneurs and even small scale farmers accessing production guidelines for their family farms.

We have an open attitude and are willing to share our knowledge and insight in order to contribute to solving the challenges of feeding the world.

Through Horti Alliance, leading industry suppliers in global horticulture work together to save our planet. This is, without question, an ambitious claim, but at the same time the only possible route to sustain our business and the livelihoods of millions of growers and their billions of consumers.

Sustainability has never been an issue in our business; it is our nature. Any grower of vegetables or ornamental plants knows that efficiency is the single key to a fruitful crop. Reducing input while maximizing output is what horticulture is about. There is no room for wasting precious production resources and no profit margin left for post harvest waste. This economic and environmental focus has always been around.It is our business model.